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Get Car Recycling, not Car Disposals! West Coast Car Removals car disposals are turned into eco-friendly car recycling, putting instant green in your hands. We buy autos of any make and any condition and we make you a Cash for Unwanted Cars offers up to $9999.

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Car Disposal Perth

At West Coast Car Removals, your Car Disposal is always free. However, we don’t like to use the term Car Disposals West Coast as we have a strong concern and commitment to the environment. With our commitment, vehicle owners have the peace of mind of an eco-friendly car disposal as we recycle vehicles. Our Car Recycling policy is Green Auto Recycling, so you go eco-friendly with your disposal.

How Our Car Disposals Work?

When West Coast Car Removals provides your Car Disposal, we pick up and bring back your vehicle to our wrecking yard where our Auto Wreckers have all the advanced equipment and tools to dismantle your vehicle.

All liquids like the fuel and oil are drained and properly contained and disposed of or recycled. Engines will then be torn apart with parts being tested to determine the working quality and life left. ¬†Parts that have no value will be recycled for the metals and steel. The interior of the vehicle will then be stripped and recycled or reconditioned. Once the car is completely stripped the steel of the vehicle will then be recycled. By the end of our process, you have cash for your wrecked, damaged or scrap vehicle that you likely wouldn’t expect. And, we pay that cash at the time we come to remove your vehicle.

Free Car Removals

At West Coast Car Removals, we are your Auto Buyer that offers free Car Removals anywhere on the West Coast. With technicians that work around the clock, you let us know a time that is convenient for you to remove your vehicle. Same day car removals are our standard, so you get our Cash for Cars payment fast.

Why Choose West Coast Car Removals?

At West Coast Car Removals, we are your Auto Buyer that is established and provides you with the peace of mind that you are Selling Your Car to a licensed & insured Auto Buyer.

We offer all the conveniences of a hassle free sale and the advantage of a cash buyer.

  • Vehicle owners don’t have to pay for towing, or take the time to transport their vehicle to us. We offer free car removals on the West Coast.
  • Auto owners don’t have to repair the vehicle; we buy vehicles “As Is.” ¬†They don’t have to advertise.
  • We are your buyer with one call to us. There is no need to draw up a sales contract. We provide all the necessary paperwork while our customers provide the title of ownership or scrap certificate.
  • There are no hours of negotiating. We make you our best or highest offer over the phone or through our web page.
  • You do not have to pay to have your vehicle wrecked. We are the Free Auto Wreckers on the West Coast who pickup, wreck & recycle your vehicle for free.

At West Coast Car Removals, you have an Auto Buyer that will buy your vehicle today for Top Cash!

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We are your Auto Buyer that Pays Up To $9999 Cash for any make and condition of auto.

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