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No such thing as an Unwanted Car at West Coast Car Removals Aveley

Aveley in WA is home to Shetland Ponies, Lake Yakni and now West Coast Car Removals.

West Coast Car Removals, as readers are aware, is a well-established Perth-based Cash for Car dealer and Car Removal Services Firm.

“Our decision to service Aveley is based on the fact that the suburb does not currently have a facility to remove Old cars when residents feel the need to upgrade to new ones,” says the Head of West Coast Car Removal Services, Aveley, WA. 

Cash For Car Removals Aveley

What West Coast Car Removal Aveley offers residents 

  • No Cost Car Removal Service 
  • Instant Cash for Car payments – no matter what make, model or condition  
  • 24 X 7 Emergency Car Removal Service 
  • No hassle sale 
  • Free Quote over the Phone 
  • Pick up of vehicle from the client’s home or business premises 
  • Full assistance with paperwork related to vehicle disposal 

How come we’re able to remove cars for FREE at West Coast Car Removals Aveley? 

Well, it’s simple – we’re Eco-friendly Car Recyclers. What that means is – we buy old, wrecked cars that their owners no longer need or want. 

We take these cars apart in our wrecking yards – we have several. 

We then sell the parts to second-hand car parts recyclers in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and other parts of Australia. 

Towing Services will charge you a FEE to tow an old car away? 

Is it worth hiring them to do the job? 

In our humble opinion, the answer is no. Why pay a FEE that could be as high as $165 to tow away a vehicle you no longer have a use for, anyway? 

Particularly, when we at West Coast Car Removals will tow it away for you for FREE. 

How can we afford to tow away a car for FREE?

Well, when we recycle your car for parts (all our recycling processes are eco-friendly) we make a small profit on them. 

Part of this profit we use to amortise the cost of the FREE Tow Service we provide you with. 

From what’s leftover as a Sales proceed, we give you a share off. That’s how our customers win – 1. they get a FREE Tow Service 2. They receive a small amount of cash fo0r their old car – which they would be sent to the Tip anyway. 

Aveley’s FIRST licensed Car Removal Service  

What being licensed assures our customers off is a service they can trust. Besides our “Best Price Possible” guarantee, we as one of the leading used car buyers, also give our clients a ‘Service Guarantee – we guarantee they won’t find elsewhere. 

What you can be sure off when you go with us at West Coast Car Removals 

  • Honest polite service 
  • Upfront quotes 
  • No bargaining or cheating 
  • Satisfaction and service guaranteed 
  • Same day quote and sale

Get your car removed for FREE Today 

For a FREE Quote, cash in hand, pick up and delivery of vehicle today itself, please call us now on 0424 449 100.

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