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You’ve upgraded your home, how about your car? West Coast Car Removals is the first choice for Same-Day Car Removals Jindalee wide.

Time to Get Cash for Cars Jindalee WA with West Coast Car Removals

Jindalee WA is one of Perth’s newest suburbs. If you’ve bought a new house here, you may also want to buy a new car to go with it. What do you do with your old car? You sell it to a Cash for Car dealer like West Car Removal Services in Jindalee.

An Established Perth-based Car Removal Service Now Services Jindalee Too 

West Coast Car Removal is a well-established Cash for Car Company with a history of providing Perth residents with Car Removal Services that go back over a decade.

Cash For Car Removals Jindalee

If you’d like an Old Car removed, we can do the job for you – for FREE

What do we mean by FREE?

It’s like this – if you get a Towing Service in Perth to remove your car for you, you’d have to pay them at least  $165 to tow your car to the nearest auto-wrecker.

We’ll do the job for you, for FREE. 

Why?  Well, West Coast Car Removal Services in Jindalee is a Car Removalist plus an Auto-wrecker. What this means is we provide a 2-in-1 service to our clients. 

First, we buy their old, unwanted, junk or scrap cars – then we wreck them and sell the Car-Parts online to Second-hand Carparts Dealers in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Darwin. 

All the auto-wrecking services we provide are eco-friendly certified 

What this means is – you can sleep well at night knowing fully well that when you sell your car to us, you will not be endangering the environment in any way, shape or form. 

We strip our cars of paint before we dispose of their metal bodies. Those parts that work we recycle and resell. Those parts that don’t work we degrease using water-based shampoos that are certified to not harm the fragile ecosystem in which we all coexist with Nature.

Why go with West Coast Car Removals Jindalee?

  • No Cost Car Removals Jindalee wide
  • Top Cash Value for Unwanted Cars Perth wide – no matter what make, model or condition  
  • 24 X 7 Emergency Car Removal Service 
  • No hassle sale 
  • Free Quote over the Phone 
  • Pick up of vehicle from the client’s home or business premises 
  • Full assistance with paperwork related to vehicle disposal

What you can be sure off when you go with us at West Coast Car Removals 

  • Honest polite service 
  • Upfront quotes 
  • No bargaining or cheating 
  • Satisfaction and service guaranteed 
  • Same day quote and sale

Committed to our clients 

At West Coast Car Removals Jindalee, we are committed to our clients – providing them with top service they simply won’t receive elsewhere. 

It’s this commitment that we are hopeful will make us Jindalee’s top Car Removalist and Cash for Car dealer in the next few months. 

A reputation for quality and service is very important to us and it’s what we already enjoy in Car Removal and Cash for Car Services in Perth

Get your car removed for FREE today 

For a FREE Quote, cash in hand, pick up and delivery of vehicle today itself, please call us now on 0424 449 100.

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