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Free Car Wrecking. Quick Car Wrecking. West Coast Car Removals is your instant cash buyer for your wrecked, damaged, old or scrap vehicle. We buy any make and condition of a vehicle and pay car owners up to $9999 Cash. Get the sale you’ve been waiting for. Give West Coast Car Removals a call today.

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Best Car Wreckers Perth

West Coast Car Removals Car Wreckers provide vehicle owners with Free Car Wrecking on the West Coast. Our wreckers practice state of the art techniques using state of the art equipment to get the most cash from your Scrap, Damaged, Old or Wrecked auto. With our Car Wrecking system, you get paid up to $9999 cash for your unwanted vehicle.

How do we manage to get so much cash from your vehicle? We practice Green Auto Recycling. With our system nearly 100 percent of a vehicle is recycled, right down to the oil in the vehicle. Our Car Dismantlers on the West Coast have all the advanced equipment and tools and know all the best techniques to provide our customers with state of the art Car Wrecking. With the expertise of our wreckers, you will get the most value from your vehicle. Up to $9999 in value.

  1. We come to you to pick up your vehicle at no cost and bring it back to our wrecking yard.
  2. We dismantle your vehicle, taking the vehicle completely apart until there is nothing but the bare shell of the auto. All parts and the interior of the vehicle will be recycled or reconditioned, and the steel of the vehicle will then be crushed.

West Coast Car Removals makes the entire process of Wrecking Your Car hassle- free ! There is no charge for it either. All that is required of you is to accept our offer and to sign over your scrap title or title of ownership for the vehicle.

When West Coast Car Removals is your Scrap, Accident, Old or Damaged vehicle buyer, you get more than Free Car Wrecking on the West Coast. You get:

  • Cash for Cars of Any Make & Condition – We pay up to $9999 Cash for Cars that does not take long to get. We pay cash the day we come to remove your vehicle. Get up to $9999 for your scrap, accident wrecked or old car today.
  • Free Car Removals – We come to you anywhere on the West Coast to remove your vehicle at no cost. With 24 hour removals, you let us know a convenient time to remove your vehicle, and we will be there. Our removals take about 45 minutes to complete.
  • Eco-friendly Car Disposals – At West Coast Car Removals, our Car Disposals turn to Eco-friendly Car Wrecking & Recycling. With the expertise of our wreckers, you get the most Cash for Cars from your auto.
  • Provide the Paperwork – We provide the paperwork, so you are assured of a legal Car Sale.

When you have West Coast Car Removals for your Auto Wreckers, you get a lot more than just Free Car Wrecking & Disposals on the West Coast. You get cash and all the conveniences you need when Selling Your Vehicle.

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Get in touch with West Coast Car Removals for a cash quote for your Scrap, Damaged, Old or Wrecked vehicle today. We are your Auto Buyer who puts instant green in your hands for vehicles of any make and condition.

Call us at 0424 449 100

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