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We Remove Cars, We Also Remove Any Hassles You May Have As A Student In Fremantle

Fremantle, on the outskirts of Perth, has been a haven for students from Singapore, Malaysia, China, Thailand, Indonesia and many more countries in Asia. 

West Coast Car Removals, a Perth-based Car Removal Company is delighted to announce that it is now also servicing the Fremantle area of Perth. 

Student city, we are fully aware that when you are a student, and you buy an old car – particularly one that’s cheap – it may break down well before your term is over. If that’s happened with you and you’re looking for a hassle-free way to sell your broken down or scrap car, call West Coast Car Removals today. 

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Cash For Car Removals Fremantle

What Do You Do With A Car In Fremantle That Won’t Run Anymore?

Honestly, the best thing you can do with such a car in Perth or Fremantle is get rid of it. 

In Australia, old cars lose their value very quickly 

According to Suncorp, an established Australian Vehicle Insurance Firm, cars lose 25% of their value the moment you drive them out of the showroom. 

If your car has been in an accident, and the cost of repairs exceeds 65% of your vehicle’s total value, then insurance companies here will write your car off – they will not give you money to fix it. 

What Do You Do With An Unwanted Car That Insurance Has Written Off? 

You sell it to a Fremantle-based Cash for Car dealer or Car Removal Company like West Coast Car Removals – we have an office in Fremantle too. 

West Coast Car Removals have been helping Fremantle residents and Asian students studying at Notre Dame and other universities in Fremantle get rid of their old unwanted cars that have no further commercial value attached to them for years. 

We Pay Cash For Your Car No Matter What Condition It’s In

As a student in Fremantle, or as a resident of the city, we deliver you good news – if you have a car that no longer runs, we’d be more than happy to take it off your hands – for a price! 

If your car is in moderate to good condition, we could pay you up to $9999 for it. If it’s in poor condition, we would pay you much less, of course. 

If it’s in really poor condition – let’s say your car has been involved in an accident, is no longer registered or has been written off your insurance company or is about to be repossessed – in that case, the amount we pay you will be further adjusted. 

We Pay Cash On The Spot And Buy Cars On The Same Day We Quote On Them

Same-day-sale is something that really hits our hot buttons. Imagine a situation where you’re flying overseas or returning to see your parents in Asia. You need to get rid of your car in a hurry. How do you do this? 

Cash for Car companies in Fremantle like West Coast Car Removals are the ones who can help you out. 

West Coast Car Removals is An Established Cash For Car Company That Services Both Perth and Fremantle

As a leading Used Car Buyers in West Coast, we can give you a FREE Quote for your car over the phone itself – five minutes of your time is all it will take. If you’re happy with our quote, we will send a Pick Up Van to your home with your cash – which we will pay you prior to towing your car away. 

To obtain your FREE Car Quote, please call us right away at West Coast Car Removals Fremantle on 0424 449 100.

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