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How the residents of Hilbert can upgrade their car the same way they’ve upgraded their lifestyles. 

Hilbert is home to more people enjoying their first home than any other suburb in Perth. But what you need when you get a new home is a new car to go with it. Sell your old car to a Cash for Car dealer or a Car Removal Service like West Coast Car Removals Hilbert and you’ll get a tidy sum for it. It won‘t cover the cost of your new car, but it will be enough to get yourself that extra tint on your new car’s windows or a pair of nice new mag wheels to go with it. 

Cash For Car Removals Hilbert

West Coast Car Removal Services is now operating in Hilbert

 What made us come here? You did. Honest.

Hilbert (we’re careful not to confuse it with Dilbert 🙂 – is officially home to more first home buyers in Perth than any other Australian suburb. 

If that’s not an achievement, we’re not sure, what is. 

What we offer you as a Hilbert resident is Cash for your Old Car

Car Removal Companies are sometimes also called Cash for Car dealers. What we do – buy old cars, unwanted cars, accident-damaged cars, cars without REGo – pink slip or green slip – even cars insurance has written off – for cash. 

The West Coast Car Removal Services Promise: 

  1. Free quote for your old car over the phone 
  2. Fair price guaranteed
  3. Same Day Car Removal Perth wide.
  4. Payment in cash 
  5. Same-day settlement 
  6. Full assistance with paperwork as it relates to Notice of Disposal and Vehicle Transfer transfer 
  7. Pick up of vehicle from your residence 
  8. Complimentary services like garage or backyard cleanouts should you require them 

You need a good car when you live in Hilbert 

Hilbert is located 27.7 kilometres from Perth. So, the last thing you want is a car that’s constantly breaking down on your way to, or from, work. 

Well, the good news is you don’t have to put up with such a car anymore. Rather than advertise it for sale in The Trading Post or the local newspaper (it takes upto 6 months for an old car to sell), you now have the option of simply calling an expert in the field of Car Removals and get us to take it away!

We will pay you Cash for your Car – no matter what condition we find it in

Is that a dream come true? Yes, it is! A licensed, registered Cash For Cars Hilbert Company, we see our job not as being buying old cars but making dreams – like yours – come true. 

Would you like to sell your old car to us? 

If the answer is yes- pick up the phone now and get a FREE Quote form one of our many in-house Car Buyers now. You can reach them on 0424 449 100.

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