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You Get More Than Just Cash For Your Car At West Coast Car Removals Rockingham

At West Coast Car Removals, service has always been what has put us ahead of our competitors. 

Service comes easy to us, given it’s what we’ve been delivering our clients for the last 20 years we’ve been buying old cars – then recycling their parts. To get paid up to $9,999 cash for your vehicle, give us a call today. 

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Cash For Car Removals Rockingham

As a Car Removal Service, Our Business is Clean and Green

West Coast Car Removals is a Car Removal Service that prides itself on its credentials. We took the decision to move from away from ‘lean’ and ‘mean’ to being ‘clean’ and ‘green’ – just like the City of Rockingham several years ago. 

Shampoo and Soap Brushes is How it All Started 

Starting with little more than soap brushes and shampoos, we quietly learnt we could strip paint from cars without the use of harsh solvents that leached into the earth killing almost everything in it. 

Then, we discovered, we didn’t have to throw away half the parts from cars we recycled. 

By simply cleaning, and degreasing them, we found they could be reused in other vehicles rather than be thrown away. 

In time, we established a small little Car Removal Business right here in Rockingham that we call West Coast Car Removals.  

West Coast Car Removals – We’re Your Local 

Aussies love their locals and support them everywhere they go. Your local Free Car Removal Service, we give you Cash for your Car – no matter what its age, make or model is. 

On average, we pay out $500 per car – bear in mind, most of the cars we buy are old cars, unwanted cars, junk cars, scrap cars or cars that have been written off, repossessed or left on the streets and subsequently picked up by local councils. If your car is newish, we will give you a lot more for it. In the past, we have paid as much as $9,999 for cars. 

Cash for Cars Rockingham Wide is a Concept That is New to Australians

Many Australians don’t know what a Cash for Car company is. That’s because the Cash for Car industry is new to Australia. 

A rage in the United States, Canada and Europe, Cash for Car companies are the fastest growing in the Automotive Sector in Australia today. 

Cash for Car companies are growing fast because of what they provide – a service that people value. 

Cash for Car Companies like West Coast Car Removals Rockingham Buy Old, Unwanted or Accident-Damaged Cars for Cash 

Same-day-purchase and pick up is as important to us as it is to our clients. 

As an established Cash for Car company (we’ve been in the Cash for Car Business for almost as long as Holden has been selling cars in Perth), we are fully aware of what makes the world go round. 

Money – not gravity! 

So that’s what we put into your hand – the moment you decide to sell your car to us. 

A FREE Instant Cash for Cars Quote – The First Step

Say we’ve convinced you to sell your old car (old or new) to us – what do you do next?

You give us a call and get your car valued by one of our in-house Car appraisers- they are experts in the field. 

Once we give you your car’s value (we’ll do so in 5 minutes or less), you can opt to sell your car to us or not. If you decide, our price is a good one, we’ll send a man to your residence to pay you your cash and pick up your vehicle from your premises.

The Whole Transaction Will be Done in 4 Hours – or Less! 

Keen to sell your old car to us? 

We’ll make it easy for you to do so – simply call us on 0424 449 100 and we’ll take care of the rest! 

Get Free Car Removals Perth wide anytime. West Coast Car Removals operates 24 X 7 X 365 – Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays too.

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