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Get the best Cash for Old Cars. West Coast Car Removals pays up to $9999 regardless of its make and condition. Give us a call today for an instant cash quote.

Fast Cash For Old Cars Perth

  • When you have an old clunker, you want to get rid of
  • When you have an old car, that isn’t worth the cost of repairs
  • When you have an old car, that isn’t running
  • When you have an old car in mint condition

Give West Coast Car Removals a call. We’ll make you an offer on your old vehicle that puts instant cash in your hands. We pay up to $9999 cash for any make and condition of old:

Cars, Trucks, Vans, SUVs, Utes, Jeeps, 4x4s, Commercial Vehicles, Buses, and Motorcycles

West Coast Car Removals is your Old Car Auto Buyer in the West Coast that won’t pass up the opportunity to buy your vehicle.

  • When we buy an old clunker that no longer has value- we buy the vehicle to recycle. Those old parts under the hood have value in metal, just like the interior and steel of the car.
  • When we buy an old car that isn’t worth the cost of repairs- we buy the old car that is not worth repairing to recycle and remove, test and recondition any workable parts that can be sold as quality used parts.
  • When we buy an old car that isn’t running – again, we buy the old car that isn’t running to recycle.
  • When we buy an old car in mint condition –  we often purchase the vehicle for resale.

Cash for Old Cars

When we recycle vehicles

When we recycle vehicles, our customers get the best value from their old cars.

  • We recycle all the parts under the hood – your parts have many metals, some of which are precious metals that bring about a fair price. When we recycle, we make sure that you get the value for your recycled metals under hold.
  • We recycle the tyres – with tyre recycling, you don’t have the concerns of tyre dumping or burning and all the hazards that go along with it. Your tyres go to making new products.
  • We recycle the steel – the steel of your vehicle is about 65 percent of the vehicle’s weight, so the dollars add up there, as well.

You get an eco-friendly Car Recycling that puts the best kind of cash in your hands. Green cash!

How It Works

When you have an old car you’d like to get rid of:

  1. Give us a call at 0424 449 100 or complete our “Get a Quote” form. Provide us with the make, model, age, and condition of your vehicle.
  2.  We’ll make you an offer.
  3. Accept or reject our offer.
  4. Accept, and schedule a free car removal. While waiting for us to arrive, gather the title of ownership or scrap title to the vehicle as it will need to be signed over to us at the time we buy and remove the vehicle.
  5. We arrive, inspect the vehicle, have you sign the paperwork and title of ownership or scrap title, and you count your cash!

Our Buying Old Cars process is that simple. Within 45 minutes, your old car is sold for cash, and out of your driveway or yard.

At West Coast Car Removals you get: 

  • Cash for Old Cars – Up to $9999
  • Free Car Removals – Anywhere in the West Coast
  • Eco-friendly Car Disposal – We are Green Recyclers
  • Fast and convenient, and always good Cash for Old Cars.

Call us at  0424 449 100

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