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West Coast Car Removal is a licensed and insured Used & Scrap Auto Buyer & Wrecker in Perth. We pride ourselves in being a Cash For Car Removal Company that works for our customers to provide them with the fast Car Removal services. We are professional in all aspects of our business, and employ only the most knowledgeable and courteous auto experts to ensure our customers are treated with care. Our clients have the security of depending on a reliable car removal services.

Cash For Car Removal Company Perth

West Coast Car Removal is a company that includes car appraisers with years of experience and knowledge in auto appraising, customer service reps, and removal technicians that are polite and courteous and have a great deal of experience in mechanics. Our company is one that has worked years to design and provide the most convenient services for our customers, including Cash for Cars payments. Our cash payments are made at the time we remove a vehicle regardless of its condition. We pay cash for any make and condition of a vehicle, whether a wrecked Ford or mint condition Toyota. From the first enquiry to sell your vehicle to the final transaction of exchanging the cash for the car, we ensure the smoothest, most carefree process. The selling process starts with a call to West Coast Car Removal to request a quote. Once the quote has been made, vehicle owners simply need to accept or reject our cash quote. Once accepted, a car removal is scheduled.

West Coast Car Removals provides our vehicle owners with a quick way to sell their vehicle.

  1. Call us at 0424 449 100
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Unlike some car removal companies that require a great deal of detail or inspecting the vehicle before providing a cash quote, West Coast Car Removals does not. We understand that vehicle owners don’t want to waste a lot of time in getting a price for their vehicle. They want an idea of what we’ll pay for the vehicle, and then decide. We don’t waste time. With car appraisers who have extensive knowledge in the industry, they can quote prices over the phone or through the net. Scheduling a removal is just as quick and convenient as our removal specialists work around the clock to provide convenient times for our customers to have their vehicles removed.

As an established Auto Buyer with a reputation in the industry, we can purchase all vehicles we receive calls on. Used vehicles that are in good condition, or can be reconditioned will be resold. All other vehicles will be wrecked & recycled.  All wrecking and recycling are done at our wrecking yard which is equipped with state of the art equipment and tools and wreckers that have the best knowledge. All wrecking and recycling comply to the green standards of auto recycling, so customers have the peace of mind of an eco-friendly car removal. All cash payments for vehicles that will be wrecked & recycled are paid at the time we remove the autos and are always fair cash payments.

As a Cash For Car Removal Company that is established in the community, and one with an outstanding reputation for being a business that respects their customers and the value of their vehicles, we assure each vehicle owner that they can rely on a fair & honest quote for their vehicle.

We only require the make, model, age and condition of your vehicle to provide you with an instant cash quote with no pressure to accept the quote.

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