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Sometimes, cars don’t work as well as they once did.  When this happens, you have to get rid of them. But how do you do this? In Australia, you have to pay someone to take anything away – even cars! 

Not if you’re talking to a FREE Car Removal Service.

West Coast Car Removals is a FREE Car Removal Service 

We pick up old cars, junk cars and scrap cars that owners no longer have a use for and tow them away to the Tip for FREE.  It’s a service whose value is up to $95 – and that’s only as far as the first 10 kilometres of the drive is concerned. 

West Coast Car Removals also pays Top Cash for Cars 

We buy:

  1. Cars that aren’t working
  2. Cars without REGO
  3. Cars without Pink or Green Slips
  4. Accident damaged cars
  5. Junk or scrap cars
  6. Cars about to be repossessed
  7. Second-hand cars that their owners would like to sell

If you own any of these types of cars, we request that you please call us. We will give you a FREE Quote for your Car and if you accept – buy it off you straightaway. 

A Car Removal Service Located in Perth, we have Paid up to $13,999 for Cars in the past 

Of course, the cars we have purchased for this price have been near new.

If your car is an older car, the price we will pay will be much less – however we will still give you a price other used car yards will not. 

It’s hard selling a used car these days 

Car yards in Perth will not buy your old car unless you buy a new car from them and it can take months to sell a car using websites like The Trading Post or  

So what do you do if you have a car you’d like to get rid off?

You sell it to a Cash for Car dealer or a Car Removalist company like West Coast Car Removals. 

West Coast Car Removals is a Licensed Car Removal Service 

Being licensed means we operate strictly within the letter of the law.  The Car Removal Industry is heavily regulated. Being regulated means you can be sure of the quality of our service – also its integrity.

If you have an old car you no longer need – please feel free to call us today for a FREE Quote over the phone itself. Yo reach us, please call a staff member on 0424 449 100.

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