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In days past, junking a car meant loading it up and taking it to the local landfill. All that has changed; and, if you were seen disposing of a car in a landfill, you likely would be booted right out of town. Cars disposed of in landfills create a terrible hazard as toxins released from the car contaminate the environment. Today, the solution for your junk car is to dispose of it in an eco-friendly way. To recycle your car for cash, let West Coast Car Removals tell you a little more.

 Junk Your Car For Cash

What to Do Before You Junk Your Car

Firstly, as mentioned earlier, junking a car today typically means calling a cash for cars company like West Coast Car Removals. There are things you should do before you junk your car.

Working parts 

If you have working parts, you might consider pulling the parts and reselling them. If you aren’t the DIY mechanic type, then let the appraiser know that there are working parts that can be reused when obtaining your cash quote. Cars weigh about 2 tonnes in scrap metals, and the metal prices are paid at about $150 per tonne. With parts that can be reused, you should get more value for the car than a few hundreds of dollars.

Tyres & wheels 

If the tyres & wheels are in good shape, you may want to remove them or ask the removal company what value they will offer for the tyres and wheels.

License plates

As with any car sale or disposal, remove the license plates of the vehicle. Call a cash for cars company for your junk disposal.

A cash for cars company like West Coast Car Removals is the best choice to call when junking a car. The reason to junk a car is that it no longer has road value; and, is not worth the cost of repairs. Calling us means that you have your car recycled for free and get cash for the metals of the car. We consider all things when valuating junk cars, so give us a call at the number below or visit our homepage to complete our online quote form. With West Coast Car Removals, we can be to you to buy & remove your scrap car today.

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