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No hassles getting your old car removed, no cost. At West Coast Car Removals, we offer vehicle owners the best way to get rid of their old car. Cash and free removals! We buy old cars to recycle, offering our customers the best cash for their old car. Give us a call today.

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Free Old Car Removal Perth

West Coast Car Removals buys old cars that have no value but sentimental value, as well as those that are in scrap condition. We are your local Car Removal specialist that offers ease in getting rid of your old car, and the advantage of getting paid good cash for the vehicle.

Cash For Old Cars Removal

Our Car Removal Company

At West Coast Car Removals, you have a company that you can depend on to be there when you want your old car removed from any location in the West Coast. With car removal technicians that work 24/7, we schedule around the clock Car Removals at convenient times for our customers. Selling and having your old car removed never got simpler. We take about 10 minutes to make you a quote, and about 45 to buy & remove the vehicle. In less than an hour, your troubles of what to do with your vehicle are over, and you are counting the cash for your old car. Cash up to $9999.

How It Works

Vehicle owners in the West Coast that would like their vehicle removed and would like to get a quote from us, have two options. Quotes can be obtained over the phone, or by completing our online “Get a Quote” form. At the time of the enquiry, we will ask for the make, model, age and condition of the vehicle. Our valuation specialists are quite knowledgeable and will determine the best approach in appraising your old vehicle, determining the weight and size, metals, etc., to ensure that you get our best quotes.

Vehicle owners who would like to take upon our offer, only have to accept the offer, and a free Car Removal will be scheduled. While waiting for us to arrive, please remove the plates of the vehicle if possible, and gather the title of ownership or scrap title. Our technician will arrive at the scheduled time to inspect, buy and remove the vehicle. Within less than an hour, you will be counting your cash.

  1. Call us for a cash offer.
  2. Accept or reject the offer.
  3. Schedule an Old Car Removal.
  4. Count your cash!

Selling your Old Car to West Coast Car Removals is that fast and simple.

Why Choose Us?

When you choose West Coast Car Removals, you have chosen a company that is fair. We are a licensed and insured West Coast company that offers many advantages:

    • Cash for Old Cars – Get an instant cash quote that could leave you with up to $9999 cash in your hand today! We pay cash on the spot!
    • Free Old Car Removals – Let us know when you’d like your old car collected in the West Coast, and we’ll be there. Our car removals are always free!
    • Eco-friendly Car Disposals – As the Wrecking Pros in the West Coast, we love old cars that we can wreck and recycle. Just give us a call for an eco-friendly car disposal that leaves you with the peace of mind of leaving the environment green.

We are your Auto Buyer in town that guarantees to buy your old car, truck, van, SUV, ute, Jeep, bus, 4×4, or motorcycle for a fair price.

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