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What makes one Car Removal Service in Perth different from another?  The promptness, reliability and punctuality with which they quote on your car – then pick it up.

Our Same Day Car Removal Perth Wide Service Will Pay You Instant Cash Up to $9999

The amount will depend on what condition your car is in, of course.

On average, smooth car removal companies pay between $50-$500 for damaged cars that insurance may have written off.

Same Day Car Removal Perth

If your car is brand new, or only partially used – the price will be much higher, of course. In some cases, car removal companies in Western Australia have paid up to $9,999 for cars that owners would like to sell – in order to get Instant Cash – for whatever reason.

What do Same Day Car Removal Services Do with Old Cars?

In most cases, they recycle them for parts which they then on-sell for a small profit to second-hand car parts dealers in Australia.

The car parts that cannot be fixed – they drain of fluid, grease and oil – and dispose of in ways that are friendly towards the environment.

The paint from cars has lead in it – so it’s toxic to the environment. The best car removal companies in WA strip the cars they buy off the paint before they dispose the car’s metal body.

Same-day Car Removal Companies will Buy Cars No One Else Will

They will buy cars with no rego on them, no pink slip or green slip – cars that are no longer roadworthy or that have been written off by insurance companies. Same day car removalists will also buy cars whose repayments owners can no longer afford to repay.

Good Same-day Car Removal Dealers will Give their Clients Cash for Their Cars – On the Spot

Same day car removal companies understand what makes people feel good – Instant Cash. So, they have no hesitation offering it.

When you sell your car for cash to the same day car removal company- they will be over in a flash to pick it up.

Besides assisting you with the paperwork you need to transfer your vehicle over, they will also bring their own equipment to tow your vehicle away – charging you nothing for the tow.

The whole transaction is complete in less than 2 hours.

Would you like to Receive Cash for a Car you No Longer Desire?

West Coast Car Removals would be delighted to offer it to you.

Located in Queen’s Park, WA, we are a local car removal service that you can trust to offer you a fair price for your old car.

Besides fair price, what you can also expect is a friendly, courteous service that e hope will have you recommending us to other members of your family and friends.

What you can expect from us at West Coast Car Removals?

  • Cash for Car Offer & Free Pickup
  • We Buy All Make & Models
  • 1 Car Removals in West Coast
  • Fast & Easy Process

To obtain a FREE Quote for a Car removal, do call us at your earliest convenience 0424 449 100.

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