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Does the concept of selling your car in need of repairs, and buying a new one sound too simple? Perhaps, you can’t imagine putting your car for sale without making the repairs that may land a buyer that will pay top cash? The car is in bad shape, and you can’t imagine spending the money it would take to get the car back into shape. So, should you ignore the title, or should you consider that there is a way to get your car in bad shape sold in Perth and quickly upgrade to a newer vehicle with the cash from its sale? Let West Coast Car Removals offer you the following information on how to Sell your Damaged Car For Top Cash.

Sell Car For Cash in Perth That’s in Bad Shape

Firstly, the thought of selling a car that is not fuel efficient and is in the shop more than it is on the road likely sounds good, right? It is. And, with car removal companies in Perth like West Coast Car Removals, there is no reason not to sell your car for cash in poor shape to get cash to upgrade the vehicle. You may think that because you wouldn’t be able to advertise the car or truck in the paper or online and get it sold for decent cash that we won’t offer you decent cash for the sale of the car to us. Guess again. We provide reasonable offers for cars that are in bad shape. Let us tell you a little more about how we buy cars with minor or severe damage.

Sell Car For Cash Perth

West Coast Car Removals Perth

As wreckers in Perth, we can accept any make and condition of a car; so, one that is in poor shape whether needing a few repairs or one that has severe damage to the car is no problem for us. We are car buyers & wreckers that will make a reasonable cash offer for the vehicle because we know how to repair cars just as we know how to wreck the cars. With us, you can find out what we will offer you for your car over the phone or online. Just give us a call at the number below or visit our homepage to complete our online quote form.

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