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Get your unwanted Car Removed in a hassle-free manner with West Coast Removals. We are Auto Buyers & Wreckers that offer to buy your vehicle within minutes. Call us for a Cash for Cars offer up to $9999 in Perth.

Our Cash For Car Removal Services Perth

Our services are among the finest in the West Coast for vehicle owners that want to get rid of their unwanted vehicle. Our reputation is one that is built on honesty and integrity, offering our customers the best way to get rid of their vehicle. Car owners that sell their auto to us, can expect:

  • Cash For Cars – We make offers up to $9999 CASH for CARS. Our customers are offered a no hassle way of selling their vehicle. All that is necessary is to call to get a Cash Quote for your unwanted car. Once you obtain a cash quote, accept or reject the quote. If you accept, then we’ll schedule a free Car Removal.
  • Free Car Removals – At West Coast Car Removals, we provide our customers with Car Removals that are completely free. Our car pickup service is available throughout the West Coast. With technicians near you and that work around the clock, you can have your vehicle removed at any time of the day. Customers that would like to get rid of their vehicle simply need to contact us for a quote. Once we offer you a quote, all that is necessary to schedule a removal is to accept our Cash Quote.
  • Eco-Friendly Car Disposals – Car Disposals are associated with hazardous waste. There are many parts of the vehicle aside from the fluids and fuel that are toxins to the environment when not properly disposed of. West Coast Car Removals practices eco-friendly Car Disposals that turn to Green Auto Recycles. We are the Auto Wreckers that dismantle vehicles so that nearly every part of the vehicle is recycled, right down to the oil and tyres. Car Recycling offers vehicle owners the peace of mind that their car disposal is not a hazard to the environment, and that you get the best cash for recycling your auto with us.
  • Provide The Paperwork – When selling a vehicle, a sales contract is necessary to make the deal one that is legal. At West Coast Car Removals, we provide the necessary paperwork for a legitimate sale. Our technician provide vehicle owners with a sales contract to sign and asks that the title of ownership to the vehicle or its scrap title is signed over to us so that all liability and responsibility of the vehicle is transferred to us.

Get an Instant Cash Quote Today Upto $9999

West Coast Car Removals offers instant cash quotes over the phone and through our web page. We are a company that makes offers up to $9999 and take only a few minutes to obtain during business hours.

Call us at 0424 449 100

To get a Cash for Cars Quote contact us with the following information:

The make, model and year of your vehicle

The condition of your auto – When providing us with the condition of your vehicle, it is important that you be as specific as possible. Include providing us with any issues and any modifications the vehicle may have had.

  1. Call us at 0424 449 100
  2. Fill out and submit our “instant quote” form

Why Choose Us?

We are your Car Buyer in Perth that will put instant cash in your hand today.

  • Cash for Cars – Up to $9999 Cash
  • Free Car Removals – Anywhere in the West Coast
  • Instant Cash Payments
  • Provide the Paperwork
  • Eco-friendly Car Disposals

Call now for a cash quote on your unwanted vehicle.

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